Football NewsReal Madrid is following the studies made by Gregory Dupont
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After Zidane’s return in March of 2019, the head coach made few changes. First of all, he changed the management team of trainers. He replaced Antonio Pintus with Gregory Dupont. The French trainer has many popular works regarding preparations of footballers for 72 hours time-frame.


Zidane is following the studies of Dupont

When Dupont signed for Real Madrid, he took a private team of trainers with him. At first, there were tons of questions regarding his studies and work. Real Madrid saw a huge problem with the main squad at the start of the season 2019/20. Experts believed that Dupont’s training sessions were very hard for Zidane’s team. After a successful season in La Liga, Zidane’s team is now in good shape. Currently, there are no questions regarding Dupont’s work. 

Zidane’s rotation policy changed in the last four matches. Real Madrid had four main matches in December. Team won all four matches in a row and fans were excited. One interesting note – Zidane has not changed the starting line-up a bit in those four matches. It was a big surprise for the fans that Zidane was not rotating the players in the last four matches. Real Madrid won an away game against Sevilla, then took first place in the Champions League group. Los Blancos won the Madrid derby in a perfect manner and then took three points against Athletic Bilbao. 

Dupont’s interesting work about the recovery

Gregory Dupont is the main man behind France’s world cup triumph. He was the main man working on the physical conditions of French players. He published an interesting study on how players can recover in a 48-72 hours time-frame between matches. In that study, Dupont notes that the same players can perform without any issues in a 48-72 hours time-frame. Recovery of 72 hours is enough for a player but the risk of injury is getting high. That’s what Zidane is doing currently with the main squad. He has not changed the starting line-up in the last 16 days.