Spanish La Liga NewsReal Madrid veterans did everything to secure win at Anfield
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Nacho, Modric and Karim Benzema did everything to secure a big win against Liverpool. The Los Blancos team was very good and the old players in the team did their job perfectly.

Modric said he has to deserve a new contract

“I want to continue because I deserve it, not because they give it to me.” Modric doesn’t want gifts, but he continues to give Real Madrid fans unforgettable nights. The Croatian leads a generation of veterans who have made (and continue to make) history. Luka himself, Benzema and Nacho, three of the four oldest players on Ancelotti’s squad (the other is Kroos) shone at Anfield the day after Modric put conditions on his renewal. Conditions that he does not impose on the club, but on himself. The renewal of the three (and also that of Kroos) is a hot topic. No one doubted that they have earned to continue, because they continue to show that they are the best in their position. If there were any skeptics left, Anfield turned them into converts.


Karim Benzema is still there to score goals

Benzema seems not to be there, but he always appears . His participation at Anfield was in doubt until the eve of the game. He ended his performance with two goals and an assist. Injuries have made him an intermittent player, slower than last season, but he continues to be reliable: this season he scores every 112 minutes and, adding his assists, he participates in a goal every 88 minutes.