Football NewsReal Madrid will have a big hunt during the summer transfer
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Real Madrid will have a big summer this year. Experts believe that Kylian Mbappe and Halaand would be the first option. On other hand, Los Blancos would love to work the same strategy as they did with Alaba.


Tolisso as a free agent from Bayern Munich

Corentin Tolisso (Bayern) is part of the current market tracking system used by Real Madrid. During the start of the pandemic, the club established a new plan aimed at reducing costs in hiring, cutting back on transfer payments. The objective became to control the increasing number of soccer players who prefer to exhaust their contract to negotiate their future as free agents with total freedom. The first example, in white key, was that of David Alaba last summer . Madrid dribbled past Bayern and was able to gain a renowned defender to replace Sergio Ramos’ departure without having to enter into a (predictably thorny) negotiation with the people of Munich…


Everything goes from Rudiger to Kessie

Within the list of players that Madrid has recently been following the trail of, there are two that Spanish newspapers have been reporting on time and that meet, again, the Alaba profile. It is about Antonio Rudiger (28 years old), central like the Austrian, determined not to renew with Chelsea; The same happens with the Ivorian Franck Kessie (25 years old) and Milan: the player is focused on going out on the market in the summer free of any ties or pressure.

With regard to Rudiger, willing to give priority to Madrid, the obstacle is the German’s high salary demand, which would make him the best-paid defender in the white squad. With Militao taking off, signing him is no longer a priority. With Kessie, who has been identified as a possible competitor with Casemiro within the current structure of the squad, the question is more about the very strong competition, with PSG in the lead, for the African player.