Uefa Champions League NewsReal Madrid won important game at Anfield
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Real Madrid won a very important game against Liverpool. The team was down with 2 goals but they could make a big come-back in England and score 5 goals without response.


Down with 2 goals

Madrid had a huge hole on the left. Salah passed over Alaba and nobody helped the Austrian. One against one is unstoppable and Madrid did not know how to notice it. The panorama darkened even more with an inexplicable error by Courtois. He received a loan from Carvajal, half committed, stopped the ball with his chest, got stuck and gave Salah the second goal. Courtois transformed into Karius and Madrid, who defended extraordinarily badly, on the canvas . A dripping threat after only a quarter of an hour of play. A rock rhythm in the cradle of pop. Luckily for Madrid, Liverpool changes for the worse from one area to another. Vinicius was not taken seriously in his first approach and the Brazilian, who is expanding his range every day, applied a precise cross shot that surpassed Allison. Footballers like him (and like Salah) live outside of the parties. They decide without counting on the rest. They walk alone.


Come-back with 5 goals

Liverpool did not lose their humor, returned to the assault and forced a penalty from Carvajal to Darwin Nunez that Kovacs did not whistle. It was Madrid’s night, wrapped in that magical cloak of the Champions League that makes everything possible, including the fact that a tin shot from Benzema ends up being gold after hitting Joe Gómez’s suicidal foot. Madrid, with that fourth goal, became the worst nightmare in the history of Anfield. With the fifth, Benzema apologized for the previous churro. Modric prepared it, with a youthful start, he opened Vinicius and he placed Benzema in front of Alisson; He sat him down and knocked on the empty door . There is no end to the Croatian and the club should write it down.