Football NewsReal Madrid’s last training session before the game against Elche
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Zinedine Zidane’s team had their last training session this evening. The game will be played tomorrow against Elche. It will be the last match for Los Blancos in 2020.


What will happen tomorrow?

French coach has to be happy because every player is healthy and ready to play. Keep in mind that Zidane has not included Rodrygo in the list. Brazilian young striker is the only player from the main squad who has an injury. Rodrygo got injured in the game against Granada. In the middle of the first half, Rodrygo tried to dribble apart from the defender. He could do that but unfortunately could not stop the sprint and his leg was in bad condition as he went down. Medical team said that Rodrygo will be out for the next three months. Zidane noted that the young player will be back in March and the team will wait for him.

Who can play tomorrow?

Eden Hazard is back. Keep in mind that Eden was healthy for the games against Granada and Eibar. Unfortunately to Real Madrid fans, Zidane has not included him in tohse games. Zidane said that Hazard was needed for other games and that’s why he was not included in the list for thos games. At this time, Hazard is in the list and experts believe that he will start the match. Hazard is ready to play a minimum 60 minutes.