Football News‘I realized that he really was him’ – Salah protected the homeless man
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Mohamed Salah stopped aggressive youth. This is not the first exemplary behavior of an Egyptian player.


In June, Mohamed Salah’s behavior came to the attention of the media. An Egyptian football player stopped at one of the gas stations in Sansbury to refuel his car and took an unexpected step. He addressed the passengers parked nearby and told them that they could pour gasoline boldly because he would pay the money instead of everyone else.

The Liverpool star is now in the spotlight once again. On September 28, after a 3-1 win over Arsenal, the 28-year-old Salah stopped at one of the petrol stations.

The Egyptian saw that aggressive young people verbally abused and ridiculed a homeless man. The Egyptian sued the homeless man and stopped the young men. He addressed the aggressive group with these words: “Maybe in a few years, you were like that too.”

Mo then turned to the homeless man and gave him 100 pounds. David Craig, a homeless man, harassed by young people, recalled the story in an interview with The Sun: “Mo was just as wonderful as he was on the pitch. “I only realized I was not hallucinating when Mo gave me 100 pounds,” David said.

Mohamed Salah has played in four matches in the current Premier League season, where he has scored five goals.