Football NewsReece James says he didn’t want to play as a right-back
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James revealed that he didn’t want to play as a right-back during Chelsea’s academic days, but admitted that it helped him fulfill his dreams of becoming a pro as a teenager.


What did Reece James say?

The Blues star has made his name one of the most promising defensive talent in the UK game over the past few seasons, with Champions League glory and Euro 2020 silver medals before the match. But now, England International has admitted that he bristled for several years when deciding to relocate him from his original midfield position during his youth at the Cobham club base.

Reece James told the club’s website that when he first came to Chelsea he was a striker but then moved into midfield for a couple of seasons. Then, when James was about 15, he found himself playing right back because there were the best players in midfield. James hated him for two or three years and never wanted to play there!

But one day he just clicked and James began to love him. Reece James thinks the dime just dropped that he will no longer play in midfield and this is his new position. Then James signed his first professional contract when he was 17. Reece wanted to be a professional from the very childhood. he was over the moon.


Reece James did it

In just under two years since his first senior game for the club, the 21-year-old has played into the hands of the Blues in their Premier League win against Arsenal over the weekend. Reece also made it to the scoreboard when he made his bow in the 7-1 Grismby Carabao Cup defeat in September 2019 and admitted that it couldn’t have been a more subtle excuse.

Reece James added that it was a dream to come true, to debut at Stamford Bridge and score as well. Every time Reece went to Stamford Bridge as a kid, he always wondered what it was like to go out with the crowd, and that was the day he did it.