Football NewsReinier hopes to close his move to Benfica together with Diego Costa
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The situation

Reinier de Jesus (20 years old) is waiting for his transfer to Benfica to be completed , which is the club that has shown the most interest in getting his services. And he does it next to Diego Costa, the former player of Atlético de Madrid, but a close friend of his. The two were playing beach soccer with a group of friends while waiting for the closing of their operation. The Lisbon club, which has recently changed its coach (the new incarnated coach is the German Roger Schmidt), is waiting to iron out the fringes that will take Reinier to Lisbon. One of those fringes is how the Real Madrid player’s salary will be paid. The idea that is handled in the Lisbon club is that both teams each share half of their salary, while another of the factors that they have to study is whether the transfer offer entails a purchase option or not, and if the assignment is for one or two seasons.

The details

It must be remembered that Reinier agreed to go to Borussia Dortmund for two years, but he barely had any participation in the Ruhr basin entity: 741 minutes spread over 39 games, with a single goal and an assist given. Madrid does not want to get rid of him, but since there are no free places for non-EU players, they see this loan as a way for the player not to lose competitive rhythm in a team that is going to play in the Champions League… Meanwhile, the player, who has been on vacation in Rio de Janeiro, where he attended the Gala offered by the Vinicius Foundation (Vinicius Institute) a few days ago, is already preparing for the future campaign. Despite playing little at Dortmund, he is happy with the experience, where he left great friends (Erling Haaland without going any further) and has gained experience of what football is like in Europe.