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Vinicius ends his contract in 2024 and Militao in 2025, but only Lunin and Vallejo earn less in the white club’s squad. Madrid summons the two to the summer to discuss their renewals.

The situation

Vinicius (21 years old) and Militao (24) will renew their contracts this summer. A strategic move by Real Madrid with which it will ensure two of the fundamental elements of its starting eleven. Neither of them is close to finishing their contract with Madrid. Vinicius does it in 2024 and Militao in 2025 but, being both pillars of this brand new Real Madrid, their salaries are very out of date with respect to what they offer on the field. The attacker charges 3 million net and the central, 3.5. Behind them, only footballers like Lunin or Vallejo earn less in the squad. In both cases, both with Vinicius and with Militao, although the negotiations for the extension have not officially begun, there has been a first contact to keep their surroundings calm. Militao’s agent had a meeting with a senior member of the entity’s football organization chart in Manchester, coinciding with the dispute of the first leg of the Champions League semi finals against City. The Brazilian defender has established himself not only in Real Madrid, but also in the Brazilian team, in which he aims to start in the next World Cup to be played in Qatar, sharing demarcation with Marquinhos. Several European teams have knocked on his door, Chelsea with great insistence. He is by far (4,200 minutes) Ancelotti’s most used outfield player (Vinicius, by the way, is second with 4,090′).

Vinicius Junior

The Vinicius case exploded a few months ago, just after his spectacular start to the season, in which he scored 15 goals in 27 games. His latest hat-trick places him among the top strikers (21 goals, 17 of them in the league, third highest scorer after Benzema and Aspas). But he still maintains the meritorious contract that he signed, in May 2017, when he was a 16-year-old boy and agreed to stay for a little over a year on loan at Flamengo before making his final leap to his beloved Real Madrid in the summer of 2018 , with the age of majority.