Football NewsRio Ferdinand: “No matter how dissatisfied Liverpool fans are”
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Ex-captain of Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand, spoke about the pause caused by a coronavirus.


“There is a time when you are isolated at home with your closest relatives. It will make you think about how important sport and relationships with people are.

Football – it’s just a game, no matter how serious we take it. More important is what is happening in society. I have talked about this very clearly, and I am still of the opinion. If the Premier League leadership has no immediate decision, the season must be annulled, and the Premier League must start again next season.

Many people, such as Liverpool fans, will think that I say this because I do not want to win the championship. But even if my team were in this situation, first of all, I would think about human health and not about my own game.

I think the leaders understand the need for us to stop the season and then start again. Some people will be offended by this. But no matter what the decision, dissatisfaction will always exist.” BT Sport quotes Ferdinand as saying.

As you may know, Liverpool have two games left to win the championship officially.


“Who knows what would happen if the remaining matches of the championship were played? ”


Like Rio Ferdinand, Karen Brady is also in favor of canceling the Premier League results.

Karen Brady, deputy chief executive of West Ham, believes that if the spread of Coronavirus continues rapidly and the situation does not change drastically, the 2019-20 season should be abolished.

Karen Brady: ” The Premier League has decided to suspend the draw until April 3. Organizers hope the tournament will resume, but this is already a dream field.

If the championship cannot be resumed and the situation with Coronavirus does not change drastically, the only fair and reasonable decision will be to cancel the tournament and earn points.

Who knows what would happen if the remaining matches of the championship were played?”