Football NewsRivaldo – Neymar knows more about Messi’s transfer to PSG
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In the latest interview, Neymar said that he would be happy to play with Messi. Brazilian player added that they may play together next season. What it could mean? Rivaldo, legendary brazilian footballer, said that Messi may join PSG next season.


Neymar knows a lot about Messi’s transfer situation

First of all, Neymar is a very close friend of Messi. Both players were teammates and played for Barcelona. The trio with Luis Suarez was unstoppable. That little era of Messi, Suarez and Neymar was something different. The club was scoring lots of goals and each match was a different kind of performance. It was visible that Lionel was also very happy with teammates and friends by that time. Then Neymar signed for PSG for the biggest transfer fee. Luis Suárez left Barca for Atletico Madrid and things changed. Mess is very different in this season. He is not scoring lots of goals. Experts believe that he wants to leave Barca and he will do that soon. 

Rivaldo believes that Neymar knows a lot about Messi’s situation. Neymar’s statement about reuniting with Messi means that PSG owner may give him a good offer. Rivaldo thinks that Messi and Neymar duo in PSG will be unstoppable just like in Barcelona.

What happens with Mbappe after Messi’s transfer?

Journalists asked Rivaldo about Mbappe’s transfer. French journalists believe that Messi’s transfer to PSG means that Mbappe will leave for Madrid. Los Blancos is very keen on signing Kylian. Due to financial issues, Real Madrid could not sign him this season. Mbappe will be a free agent in two seasons but what can happen before that? Rivaldo is sure that Mbappe will stay. Brazilian legend said that Mbappe is a very smart person. If Messi joins PSG, the Parisian club will be unstoppable. Messi and Neymar is already a big power in the attacking line and it will be boosted by Mbappe all the way up. Trio of Mbappe, Messi and Neymar can dominate the football world for a few years. Rivaldo admitted that hypothetically this trio can win a few champions league trophies consecutively. Rivaldo believes that after Messi’s transfer, Kylian will have more reasons to stay in Paris.