CricketRohit Sharma speaks about his ‘unwanted’ and poor form in IPL 2022
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Rohit Sharma speaks about his ‘unwanted’ and poor form in IPL 2022

Rohit Sharma On His Form: Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Indian team and Mumbai Indians in IPL 2022. He was seen struggling with his poor form. His bat remained completely calm in season 15. 

He could neither play a big innings for Mumbai Indians nor could he get a good start. Rohit Sharma made a big statement on this poor form after the match played against Delhi and also told how he will return to form.

Rohit’s statement on poor form

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma admitted that batting did not suit him much, but despite this disappointing season. His sleepless nights did not disappear and with some changes he was back in form. will that do. 

After the match on Saturday, Rohit said, ‘Many things that I wanted to do, I could not do them. I am very disappointed with my performance this season. But this has happened to me before, so it is not something I am going through for the first time.

Hitman will return in such form

Rohit Sharma also made a big statement on the return of his form. Rohit Sharma said, ‘I know that cricket does not end here, we have to play a lot of cricket ahead.

So I need to focus on the mental aspect and think about how can I get back in form and perform well. Rohit said, ‘Slight changes will have to be made and whenever I get time, I will try to work on them.’

Season started with 8 defeats

Mumbai Indians started their campaign in IPL 2022 with eight consecutive defeats and after that they won four of the remaining six matches. On the performance of the team in this season, Rohit said, ‘This season was a bit disappointing for us as we could not execute our strategy at the beginning of the tournament.

 We know that in tournaments like IPL you have to create momentum. He said, ‘Initially when we were losing matches one after the other, it was a difficult period. It was important for us to make sure that whatever strategy we had devised, we went according to it. It didn’t happen as we wanted.