CricketRohit Sharma Suggests Three-Match Series for World Test Championship Finals
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Rohit Sharma’s Proposal for a Fairer World Test Championship Format

Following India’s defeat to Australia in the one-off final of the World Test Championship (WTC), captain Rohit Sharma has expressed his desire for the tournament’s final to be expanded into a three-match series.

While acknowledging the challenges in finding space within the crowded cricket calendar, Sharma believes that a multi-game series would provide both teams with fairer opportunities to showcase their skills and create momentum in the longest format of the game.

Subtitle 2: Challenges and Perspectives on the Current Format

The current format of the WTC final, featuring a single match to determine the champion, has faced scrutiny and calls for revision. Previously, Aakash Chopra raised a similiar kind of concern stating single shot at the final doesn’t do justice to the hard work a team has done to reach there.

Rohit Sharma, in his quest for a more equitable approach, emphasized the importance of providing teams with a chance to build momentum in Test cricket, a format that thrives on rhythm and consistency. While speaking in post match talk, Rohit said:

“You need to have fair opportunities to both the teams. In the next cycle, if it is possible, a three-match series would be ideal. I would love that. But is there a time? That’s the big question. It’s about finding that window where it can be fit in.”


However, implementing a three-match series poses challenges due to the already congested cricketing calendar. With multiple ICC events and domestic franchise competitions, players are faced with a demanding schedule, making it difficult to accommodate additional matches.

England Test captain Ben Stokes has previously highlighted the strain of playing across all three formats, underlining the need for a sustainable balance. A number of other players have vocalised their concern for heavy scheduling of matches.

Sharma acknowledged the dilemma of finding a suitable window for a three-match series but remained hopeful for the future cycles of the WTC. While considering the logistical constraints, he emphasized the necessity of fair opportunities for both teams and the desire for a format that allows for the development of momentum and rhythm in Test cricket.

Australia captain Pat Cummins, on the other hand, expressed contentment with the existing one-off final format, drawing parallels to other sports where one-off deciders are prevalent.

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Cummins highlighted sports such as Australian Rules football and rugby league, where single-match finals are customary and add excitement to the competition. While speaking on the matter, Cummins said:

“Ideally you’d have 50-match series but Olympics have come down to one race to win a gold medal. AFL, NRL seasons have finals. That’s sport.”

Although the disappointment of India’s defeat in the WTC final lingers, Rohit Sharma emphasized the importance of regrouping and shifting focus to the next major challenge – the 50-over World Cup on home soil in the autumn.

He acknowledged the team’s dejection but emphasized the resilience and determination required to bounce back in the face of adversity. However, this is another blow up for fans who have been waiting for an ICC trophy to be claimed by India for a long time.

While the format of the World Test Championship final remains a subject of discussion, Sharma’s proposal for a three-match series reflects the desire for a more comprehensive and balanced approach.

As cricket continues to evolve, finding the optimal format that allows for fair competition, showcases the essence of Test cricket, and accommodates the busy cricketing calendar will be an ongoing challenge.