Football NewsRomelu Lukaku had a positive meeting with the Chelsea leadership
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Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku met positively with Chelsea officials on Monday and is expected to be included in Tottenham’s squad on Wednesday in the Carabao Cup.


A little about the topic

The Belgian footballer was kicked out Sunday against Liverpool after his controversial, unsanctioned interview cast doubt on his future at Stamford Bridge. There is little chance that Romelu Lukaku will leave the club anytime soon after joining just this past summer, as he will not push for a move.


Romelu Lukaku’s negotiations with the club’s management

Lukaku’s talks with the club’s management, including director Granovskaya, took place on Monday and were received positively by all parties. Belgian international Romelu Lukaku showed remorse at the meeting, further details will be revealed on Tuesday afternoon at an upcoming press conference by Thomas Tuchel. The team has not made a final decision on his status for the Spurs game, but it is expected to be included.


The reason for the disagreement between the club and Lukaku

Romelu gave an unauthorized interview a few weeks ago, which was published last Thursday. In it, he criticized Uchel’s tactics and implied that he wanted to return to Inter in his prime. Belgium national team player Romelu Lukaku said that he was not happy with the situation and this is only natural. The head coach decided to play on a different system, and according to Lukaku, he should not give up, he needs to continue to work hard and be a professional.

Romelu Lukaku also said that he is not happy with the situation, but he is a vaccinator and should not give up. Head coach ThomasTuchel was unhappy with the interview, which he felt blinded, and dropped Romelu Lukaku from his team over the weekend. Chelsea drew 2-2 with Liverpool. However, it looks like the relationship between Romelu Lukaku and Chelsea has been at least partially restored in the short term.