Football NewsRomelu Lukaku says he will never let anyone speak for him
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Romelu Lukaku is focused on seeing a season with Chelsea and doesn’t want to be dragged into transfer discussions.


A little about the topic

The Belgian player insists he was the only one making decisions about his future after suggestions he could leave Stamford Bridge this summer. Player agent Federico Pastorello appeared to have left the door open to traffic during the interview. But Romelu claims no one else had the right to speak his name while he focused on matters on the pitch.


What did Romelu say?

Romelu Lukaku posted on social media that he would never let anyone speak for him. According to Lukaku, he kept his mouth shut and focused on helping the team and finishing the season in the best possible way. So if someone is trying to say something about Romelu and the club… not on his behalf.


Pastorello talks about Romelu Lukaku

The player’s agent, Federico Pastorello, confirmed that given the transfer parameters, no one could have expected such a situation. Federico won’t discuss the technical choice, but it’s clear there’s a problem. However, the numbers must be given in context. According to Pastorello, Romelu Lukaku is the team’s top scorer despite receiving less playing time than his teammates. Now they must defend the Champions League spot and play the FA Cup final. This is the only thing Lukaku is focused on, they didn’t talk about anything else.

On the subject of Romelu’s possible return to Inter, Pastorello confirmed that a lot of the buzz is for nothing. The Inter club and the fans are in its heart. Pastorello says that Lukaku never hid it and never hid his love for Anderlecht, where he would like to end his career. However, they cannot speculate in the negotiations. Chelsea has changed ownership, they don’t know who they’re talking to, let alone imagine negotiating with Inter or Milan. They must wait.