Football NewsRonald Koeman – Barcelona can still fight for the La Liga title
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Ronald Koeman was very happy and optimistic after the match. He left the stadium El Alcoraz and stated that Barca is still the top of the La Liga championship. Barcelona won the game against Huesca with just one goal gap.


Good thing for rotations

Koeman said that the squad is happy with a win. It was important to start the season with winning. It was just a game against Huesca but Koeman was satisfied. He said that the season is very long and the team has to rotate every month. Keep in mind that Koeman is optimistic regarding the La Liga trophy. Coach noted that the gap is big between Real Madrid and Barcelona or Atletico but they still have hope. If the top-three team in La Liga slip up and lose important points, Barca has to decrease the gap right away.

Situation with the Antoine Griezmann

As you may know, Barcelona had a starting line-up without Antoine Griezmann. Dembele played instead and journalists are interested in this situation. Koeman gave a chance to Antoine from the 80th minute. Ronald Koeman said that rotation will be a big part of the season. Playing matches every three days is very hard for everyone. That’s why Koeman is rotating the starting line-up. Koeman assured that Griezmann will start from the very first minute in next matches and others will be benched – that’s the part of football. Fans believe that Barcelona was better in the first half without Antoine Griezmann.

Pressing higher than expected

Barcelona was pressing Huesca’s defense and they did it higher than expected. Koeman said that Barcelona is doing better every week. Pressing higher is impossible from a team like Barca. Koeman believes that Barca will improve in pressing and taking ball from the defense of the opponent.