Football NewsRonald Koeman – It was a clear penalty on Mendy, referee is wrong
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Dutch coach was not happy after the loss in Madrid. Ronald could not keep up with the journalists questions and he just exploded with the answers.


Clear penalty on Mendy

Ronald Koeman said that it was a clear penalty on Mendy. Keep in mind that Barceloan could not win the game, not even close to getting one point against Los Blancos. In the last few minutes, Koeman made big chances and Barca had many attacking players on the pitch. The Catalonian team was very active in the attacking line and created many scoring chances. In one of those moments, Barca could score a goal but Alba could not make a correct shot. The ball went after Courtois’ hands and Mendy was first on the ball. Braithwaite was also near to Mendy and he could win the ball. French defender touched the attacker of Barca and he went down. Mendy was very confident and have not reacted on Braithwait’s moment. Barca’s whole team went after the referee asking for a penalty. The main referee said that there was not a big touch and it was not a penalty. Spanish newspaper, Marca’s referee expert admits that there was little touch but not enough for penalty. Expert-referee, Andujar admitted that there was touch from Mendy but it was not enough for a penalty. Ronald Koeman was still very disappointed in refereeing and said that Real Madrid got a big help from the referee team.


Chances for La Liga

Barcelona’s main coach said that team players are very disappointed. They were angry at the referee because of the decisions. At the same time, Barca was very unlucky in Madrid because they had chances to score goals in the second half. Ronald Koeman is confident in La liga’s title. Barca’s coach believes that Messi and co still have a chance to win the La liga trophy this season.