Football NewsRonald Koeman – Winning La Liga title will be very difficult for Barca
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After a draw, Barca’s coach was not happy. After the post-match interview, he said that it will be tough for Barca to win La Liga. Keep in mind that the team lost many points in the last few rounds of the league.


Nothing is impossible

Ronald said that he is a very realistic person. Yesterday he noted that from a current standpoint, Barca is not a good candidate for the championship. Koeman said that it will be very hard for Barcelona to win the title no matter what. Team already dropped important points, especially at home-stadium. At the same time, Koeman believes that there is nothing impossible, especially with Lionel Messi in the squad. Keep in mind that Messi was not playing yesterday. The Argentinean had problems with the right ankle and until the end of the year, he will get a massage on that ankle to recover easily. The cameraman has shown Messi’s reactions a few times during the game. It was clearly visible that Messi is not happy with the result and situation in the team. Twitter exploded after the game. Fans were not satisfied, in particular with Messi’s approach. Most of the fans believe that Messi has to criticize his teammates more. 

Barcelona missed Lionel Messi

Journalists asked Koeman about the intensity and missing key players. Koeman said that Messi and Pique are very important players. Coaching staff did everything to replace those two players with other experienced footballers. Unfortunately it was impossible because the team could not get a win. Ronald Koeman also said that Dembele and others are really good. In the second half, Barca was playing good football according to Koeman. Team had many moments but they could not convert into the goals. Ronald said that the team will continue improving.