Football NewsRonaldinho Joins Kings League with Porcinos FC
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Ronaldinho Signs with Porcinos FC to Play in Kings League


A little about the topic

Ronaldinho, the legendary Brazilian football player who has played for clubs like Barcelona, PSG, and Milan, has signed with Spain-based Kings League team Porcinos FC. The 42-year-old will once again play professionally in Barcelona, albeit at the small Cupra Arena, not the Camp Nou he shone so many nights in while wearing a Barça jersey. He will be the side’s 12th player this week as they face PIO FC.


The Kings League and its Founders

The Kings League is the brainchild of retired Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué and popular streamer Ibai Llanos. Convinced that the sport needed a rehash and a less boring alternative, both Spanish stars teamed up to bring a competition that is streamed all over the globe and features several wacky rules. The league has been a great success so far, with several sponsors jumping on and an average viewership of over 7 million.


Other Players in the Kings League

Before Ronaldinho, LA Galaxy star Chicharito and Sergio Agüero also signed on to the new competition. With the addition of Ronaldinho, the league has added another legendary player to its ranks, and fans all over the world are excited to see him back on the field. Overall, the Kings League has been successful in its mission to shake up the soccer world and offer an alternative to traditional leagues. With its unique rules and star-studded line-up, it is sure to continue to draw in fans and sponsors alike.