Football NewsRonaldo blesses Endrick
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How about Endrick?

He is a young talent from Brazil who is going to be very good. He already played professionally with the Palmeiras first team, he is a great talent for the next few years. I don’t know if he is done with Madrid. I can’t guarantee it. But since he is so young, we are going to enjoy another year and a half in Brazil at least.

There is talk of Guardiola and Ancelotti as possible coaches for Brazil…

Yes, they have emerged in Brazil. They are amazing names. I don’t see any problem with a foreigner directing Brazil. There is going to be a lot of debate about this, but I welcome the fact that Guardiola or Ancelotti can be coaches. I would love it to be so, but I don’t choose.

One of his players at Valladolid, El Yamiq, is in the semifinals. He will not have a clause in case he wins the World Cup…

If you don’t have it, we’ll put it on (laughs) You’re doing very well. We are delighted. Morocco is being the big surprise of the World Cup. How they defend! She surprised Spain, Portugal… It’s a nice story. For its victims it is hard to lose, but soccer leaves us beautiful stories that we must appreciate. I would like them to win, but I don’t think they can. France is very strong, we have already seen it. She is the big favourite.

What do you think of Neymar’s situation?

He believed in himself, even when he was injured, he made a great sacrifice to be able to play again in the World Cup. He played very well against Croatia. It is very important for us. Let’s hope he comes back strong both at PSG and in Brazil.

And Modric?

Very good, as always. A player with a great physical capacity still and technically it is not discussed. The three in Croatia’s midfield are very good.

Did the Spain of Luis Enrique disappoint you?

I saw the first game live and I loved how he played. He has a very characteristic game. Soccer gave him a beating with the elimination with Morocco. I liked that he did the streaming. I found it extraordinary, spontaneous, modern… although many people have criticized him for this. The world is changing and you have to adapt. I haven’t had contact for a while, but we’ve played together.

Why do you see France champion?

My prediction was always a Brazil-France final. Brazil is gone, and France right now is the big favourite. Mbappé is having a great World Cup. He has incredible physical and technical qualities. He may be the best player. He has a natural talent and at 23 years old, the experience of having won a World Cup.

Does it remind you?

Reminds me of when I played. He knows how to use his features. He has speed and power, but he is also very technical. How he looks for the squads… Impresses. He is one march above the rest, especially in this football in which everyone is already very fast.

Does Messi deserve the World Cup?

For deserving it, we all deserve it. Nobody gives you anything, not even for your story. Argentina isn’t playing very well, but they play together, they’re aggressive and then there’s Messi, who is decisive when he’s near the box. He now does less sprints than before. At the beginning, in his career, he did 30 actions, and now he does 10. But he is still decisive. As soon as he catches the ball he sees spaces and in the area he is a ‘killer’.

Has anything changed?

He has been very focused on winning the World Cup. I see him with character. I would be happy for him if they win, but we have a great Brazil-Argentina rivalry and it would be a bit of a hypocrite if I said I would be happy for Argentina. I see football as a romantic. I will enjoy any champion.