Ronaldo must leave Manchester United

Ronaldo must leave Manchester United

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05 Jul 2022
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The situation 

After the appointment of Eric ten Hag to Manchester United, all fans, experts and journalists were most interested in whether Ronaldo was included in the plans of the coach. At a press conference on May 23, the Dutchman enthusiastically replied “Definitely!” and added: “Cristiano can give us goals. But I will discuss everything with him first before discussing it with you.”  Only 42 days have passed, the likelihood of ten Hag and Ronaldo working together tends to zero. On July 4, Cristiano did not arrive at the team’s preseason gathering – he referred to “family circumstances”. True, on the same day he arrived at the training complex of the Portuguese national team. Did you solve family problems there? Many sources (from Fabrizio Romano to The Athletic) confirm that Cristiano intends to leave, he is not satisfied with the club’s transfer passivity, the absence of the Champions League and the fact that the club does not live up to his ambitions. The Times insiders specified that “the striker aims to play in the Champions League every season until the end of his career – in his opinion, he has 3-4 years left to play.” If so, then we get a nasty story: instead of returning to training, Ronaldo is blackmailing the club and creating additional pressure.  ESPN’s Alex Shaw summed up the key complaint about the Portuguese’s performance: “If that’s what Ronaldo wants, then I don’t know why he waited until July. As a result, this became the main test of the summer for ten Hag. Just another circus. A lot of people said to me: “He was waiting to see who United signed. Very generous. He wants to play in the Champions League. And since when does a football club have to buy players to appease one of the team’s players?”

The details

  • How can ten Hagu deal with a person who has a transfer requirement (Krish wants 6-7 new players) and decides based on his own assessment of transfers whether he should stay at the club? 
  • Should Eric torture himself with tactical puzzles that will mask Ronaldo’s weaknesses for the sake of his statistics. Is Cristiano interested in anything other than her?
  • Can a club count on a player who allows himself, under the guise of family circumstances, to sabotage training and ignore club fees? 
  • In this case, how professional is Ronaldo himself, if he allows himself such an attitude? 
  • Should Manchester United spend £360,000 a week (Ronaldo’s salary after being out of the Champions League, minus 25%) on a 37-year-old player whose goals have nothing to do with the plans of the club?

After Beckham left for Real Madrid, Alex Ferguson said:”A player who allowed himself to be placed above the manager at Manchester United should leave the club immediately.”  Now Cristiano puts himself not only above the coach, but also above the club. In order to keep Ronaldo, Manchester United must unquestioningly fulfill all the requirements of the Portuguese. Ronaldo’s influence is limitless, but his departure will free United – financially (£17.2m a year) and morally: Bruno, Sancho and Rashford will not look back at the Portuguese every second, ignoring other targets for transfers.  This was known even before his return to Manchester United, but we repeat the obvious: Cristiano no longer fights for clubs (and has he ever fought?), He is hardly interested in their goals and long-term plans. It focuses on personal statistics and heritage. What does Cristiano think more about: the future of Manchester United or Messi, who is only 15 goals behind the Portuguese (besides, he is two years younger and does not miss the Champions League)? Ronaldo needs to protect the throne, it’s a beautiful mission for the end of a great career – but it needs to be realized elsewhere.  In a January interview with Sky Sports, Cristiano said: “I think in order to build something good, sometimes you have to destroy a few things.” Well, great advice, Krish. “Manchester Needs to destroy the attachment to the Portuguese – even if he is a legend of the club. Cristiano Ronaldo must leave Manchester United.

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