Football NewsCristiano Ronaldo started 2021 with a double and passed Pelé
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Juventus 4: 1 Udinese: Cristiano Ronaldo doubled and surpassed Pele in the number of goals scored in official matches.


Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo surpassed Pele in the number of goals scored in his professional career and moved up to 3rd place. In the 15th round of Serie A, Juve defeated Udinese 4: 1, while the Portuguese scored a double.

Thus, in official matches, Ronaldo has scored 758 goals and Pele – 757. According to unofficial information (various sources report different information), Cristiano is only behind two players – Romario (772) and Josef Bitsani (800).

In addition, Ronaldo has set two more records after a double with Udinese: he has managed to score at least 20 goals at the club and team level for the 15th season in a row, and at the same time, for the 20th year in a row he has managed to score a goal in his professional career (from 2002 to 2021).

Recall that Juventus gained 27 points with the victory over Udinese and is only in 5th place in the tournament table, while Cristiano Ronaldo leads the Serie A top scorer dispute with 14 goals.