Football NewsRonaldo’s Transfer Activates PSG Clause as Messi takes Choice on Future.
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To commemorate the historic transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Saudi Arabia, fierce competitors Al-Nassr and Al-Hilal will field a mixed team in an upcoming friendly match against PSG, which will take place at the same time that Lionel Messi is expected to sign a new contract.

In the upcoming exhibition match in Riyadh, which is scheduled to take place on January 19, Messi is scheduled to compete against Ronaldo. It is believed that Paris Saint-Germain will field a good team for the game that they will play against the home side, who will play a team that will comprise of players from both of the teams in the capital city.

The sensational transfer of Ronaldo to the Saudi Arabia club was finalized on Friday, and it is anticipated that he will earn something in the neighborhood of £173 million per year. Following a blockbuster interview with Piers Morgan in November, Ronaldo amicably dissolved his connection with Manchester United, which led to the signing of this pact between the two parties.

Ronaldo decided to make the move to the Middle East club despite the fact that there were no other offers on the table. Al-local Nassr’s rivals Al-Hilal started selling shirts with Messi’s name on them as a retaliation to the sale, but the two teams are now ready to play together.

The information has been provided in greater detail by Marca, which asserts that the match will take place a little more than two weeks after Al-Nassr revealed Ronaldo’s deal with the club. It is predicted that the scheduling of the game would coincide with the announcement that Messi will extend his current contract at PSG for another year.

After a challenging first season in Paris, he’s off to a strong start this year, scoring 12 goals and dishing out 14 assists. He’s also expressed his contentment with how well he’s adjusted to life in France this year.

Despite claims that a deal had been agreed upon at the end of the current season, Messi is reportedly prepared to extend his stay in Paris.

In statements from November that were published in Le Parisien, Lionel Messi was quoted as saying, “I like Paris a lot more today, I have discovered the city, and I find it great.” “There was a significant shift that took place throughout the first year. Things transpired very quickly, the departure from Barcelona was not on my agenda, and the entirety of the situation was completely unexpected.” Following this extended time period and the challenging times, I am glad to live where I live, and my family and I are having a wonderful time in Paris. It was challenging at first since we had spent our entire lives in the same location, and because I had never moved before, I had no idea what it was like to uproot my life and go somewhere new.

“This was something we had not anticipated, it took place very rapidly, and we were forced to leave Barcelona for the night. We were suddenly immersed in an unfamiliar setting. We had our life in Barcelona, with our friends and our routines, and then we found ourselves in a strange area, with a different language, a different football, and a different environment; as a result, I struggled a great deal because of this. It was a challenge. But as things stand right now, I take pleasure in everything, especially football.”