Football NewsRubi: “We have to applaud Alaba’s free-kick”
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The situation 

The Almeria coach lamented Real Madrid’s punch, especially after his team’s good defensive performance, which managed to get ahead on the scoreboard. Rubi placed Chumi in the right-handed profile of the rear as he did not have any specialist due to problems with the registrations, fulfilling the Galician, with the sensational help of Kaiky.


Evaluation: “In the end we knew it was going to be difficult and long for us, even if we were ahead. The intention of the second half was to see if we could spend what energy our forwards had left to score the second goal. It has not been. I had the feeling of suffering more in the first half than in the second, but they managed to score one and in the second goal we have to applaud and congratulate because it is a spectacular free kick”

Changes of Ramazani and Sadiq: “We were going to give him freshness. Legs were missing and it is also evident that it was costing us to get higher. We were not suffering much, but getting to the top was. We have not been able to take advantage of it, but this is how it is. Sometimes you make a change a minute before or after and there is a goal or there is not. Even so, I think that in the end we had a little push. The situation with Robertone, Curro’s shot, that in the end we could have equalized even when we went up”.

Stopping Vinícius: “We’ve had a lot of problems putting together the team. On the right side, I didn’t have a defensive midfielder to cool down the midfield… We knew that the game, as Madrid players came on, was going to get very complicated for us. But what we have achieved is to always be inside and have the option until the end, and that is also a success. It is true that we have protected Chumi with that line of five because it was a new situation for him. We have preferred to protect him. Also, our intention was for Vinícius to go outside and wait for him there with Kaiky. For me, he has delivered, he has obviously had a bad time due to the excellent footballer ahead of him, but in the end the goals have been scored by two full-backs, no strikers”.