Football NewsSamuel Eto’o: My advice changed Lionel Messi’s career
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Former Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o has spoken about Lionel Messi, the current forward and captain of the Catalan club.


The Cameroonian recalled Leo’s first steps, highlighting his personal qualities and noting that it would be very difficult to do more than what the Argentine was able to do in football.

“At first he appeared in the first and youth teams and looked very good. We knew immediately that Messi would one day become who he is. I am very happy that he achieved this at the cost of hard work. He has not changed at all. Messi is still such a good person today. Like I knew then, and I know until now.

He recently told me, “Thanks, Samuel.” Thanks to my advice, which I will not reveal now, his career has changed. At that time, he had to fix some things, but he always had the talent to do so. I am proud and thrilled to see the story he is writing and which is still going on.


“I’m proud to be his friend.”


It will be taugh, perhaps even impossible, to achieve what he has been able to do. His personality is the most important thing for me. Everyone appreciates him and adores him as a player, but he’s a very good guy, and I’m proud to be his friend, “said Eto’o, who played for Barcelona from 2004-09.

The 39-year-old Cameroonian, who has won the Spanish league with Barcelona three times and the Champions League twice, has completed his football career in 2019.

Lionel Messi, 32, has been defending the Catalan club’s honor since 2003. The Argentine has won La Liga 10 times with Barcelona and 4 times in the Champions League. He is the only one who has won the “Golden Ball” 6 times in his career.