Football NewsSamuel Umiti refuses to leave Barcelona
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Samuel Yves Um Titi, known as Samuel Umtiti, is a French professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for La Liga club Barcelona and the France national team, even though there was lots of rumours about Umititi’s movement, but it seems like he will be staying in Barcelona for another season, nonetheless Barcelona still want him to leave.


Samuel Umititi’s stand on this situation

Samuel Umititi’s situation is quite uncertain and it seems like it’s going to get more and more foggy from now. The weird thing with Samuel Umititi is that his transfer case is frozen right now, the only thing we know guaranteed is that Samuel has actually had lots of options to make a potential move to a different team, and it’s an easily understandable Barcelona stance on this situation. Umititi is somewhat mediocre and easily traumatized in game and because of all of this Barcelona don’t see any kind of potential in Samuel in their team, but on other hand Umtiti wants to stay to evolve, and he thinks that he didn’t do his maximum and he even says that he desires evolution in Barcelona and no other team, well it’s great to see that, but we can’t say for sure if he really will evolve his gameplay at all, he has mediocre play at field and his traumas just kills any kind of movement so we have to see what will happen next season.


Umititi’s future

All we have to do at this point is just to wait for sometime. The problem with this waiting is that Barcelona can make Umititi change his opinion regarding the whole thing, we possibly can see a Umititi departing from Barcelona if desires so, again as said already. All we have to do is to wait for more information and gameplay from Umititi.