Football NewsSanz Refutes Claims of Deal with Dani Alves
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Joana Sanz refutes claims of an agreement with Dani Alves to assist him in evading imprisonment.


Joana Sanz Addresses Rumors About Her Relationship with Dani Alves

Joana Sanz recently spoke up on social media to clarify the ongoing situation between her and ex-Barcelona defender Dani Alves, who is currently incarcerated. Alves remains detained at Brians 2 Prison near Barcelona, following accusations of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old woman at the Sutton nightclub in the city towards the end of 2022. There have been speculations that Alves is paying Sanz not to file for divorce, as it could negatively impact his court case.


Sanz Denies Receiving Money from Alves

Sanz used social media to vehemently deny these claims, stating that there was no such agreement in place. She confirmed that they were in the process of divorce proceedings, but Dani Alves’ refusal to cooperate was complicating matters. Sanz also clarified that she had not received any money and questioned the need for spreading false information.


Alves’ Marriage and Potential Flight Risk

Multiple news sources have suggested that one reason for the delay in proceedings is Dani Alves’ marriage to a Spanish woman, Sanz. This connection might be the only way for him to establish his ties to Spain and alleviate concerns that he could flee to avoid facing Spanish justice, similar to what his compatriot Robinho did in Italy. It is important to note that the Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office recently opposed releasing the former football player on bail, deeming him a flight risk.