Football NewsSarah Kelly called on the FA to punish Cristiano Ronaldo
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The mother of an autistic fan of the Toffees Sarah Kelly, who saw his phone smashed by Cristiano Ronaldo, called on the FA to punish the Red Devils superstar.


What did Sarah Kelly say about Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo, who clashed with supporters after a bout was staged in PL’s Goodison Park in April, has been charged after footage showed the player slapping a phone out of a grip on teenager Jacob Kelly’s. The 14-year-old was left with a broken phone and a bruised hand, and his mother has now called on the relevant authorities to take action against Cristiano.

Sarah Kelly said they would hope he finally gets the right punishment. According to Sarah, Cristiano Ronaldo cannot continue to get away with it. Ronaldo’s behavior is unacceptable. She says that she is being followed by people who say she is dragging him again, but she knew nothing about it. He should have been dealt with six months ago. Her son talks about what happened to him every day. He still hasn’t returned his phone.

Sarah added that the Merseyside police funded the repair of a broken phone that Cristiano Ronaldo had to pay for it. He was the cause of all this. According to Sarah Kelly, this puzzles her – he can attack the child and continue as usual. “How can he sleep at night knowing what a disaster he has caused to a young suitor?” she said.


A little about the topic

The Portuguese international did offer to meet the Kelly family, but Sarah Kelly claims nothing was put in place. Sarah went on to say that Cristiano Ronaldo invited them to meet him and said he was sorry but did nothing wrong. Sarah Kelly says it’s not an apology, it’s an insult.


What’s next for Cristiano?

Cristiano Ronaldo is struggling for starts at Man Utd in 2022-23, with an unsuccessful push to get out during the summer transfer window meaning he’s stuck at Old Trafford until at least January.