Football NewsSaved from embarrassment with a new coach on the debut day of the son of the Irish champions
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On Sunday, the “junior team” of the Devil held a home match of the last round of the championship. Away from the “Genoa” and the Milanese guys, led by a new mentor, in the game on the field, “Wismar” found out who would be a member of the transition matches. Before the meeting, the Genoani had 38 points in their assets, the red-blacks had 40 (Napoli – 40, Lecce – 37, and SPAL and Pescara had already fallen into the second league and had no chance of saving themselves from relegation). The club’s management changed the coach three rounds before the finish line, dismissing Federico Giunti – with a new co-driver, Milan went to the decisive segment of the tournament. Christian Terni started with a loss to defending champions Empoli, and then in the battle with Inter, playing in the minority after being sent off, the team pulled out a draw – 2:2. The new mentor won the third and most important match, inspiring the guys to a strong-willed victory. Milan scored 43 points and ended the season in thirteenth place, sending Genoa into the play-offs with Napoli – the games between the Genoese and the Neapolitans will be held on May 20 and 26. Christian Terni from the first match attracted several leaders from the Milan U-17 and U-18 teams to Primavera. So in the center of defense, modeled by the coach, the place in all three matches was occupied by the 18-year-old Giovanni Incorvaia, and U-18 captain Vilgot Marchage came on as a substitute to strengthen the center of midfield. The starting formation of 3-5-2 was unusual in Terni’s debut, on the contrary – a draw with a strong “Inter” and a win in the final round led to success. Hateful 4-3-3 from Giunti drowned the red-blacks for a long time, Mr. Turney shook the guys first of all by changing tactics. Substitutions played an important role in Milan’s victory. So Mattia El Hilali scored another goal of the season, replacing Serb Lazetic at half-time – Marko has not played a single full match this season. He made his debut in Milan and the Irish Catal Heffernan – a 17-year-old boy rented by the Italians from Cork City and played for the Milan U18 squad as a central defender.


The protagonist of the winning match was striker Marco Nasti, who scored twice. At the last game with the “interistami” Italy mentor Roberto Mancini watched the red-black attacker, interested in the coach and keeper of “Milan” Sebastian Desplanches. 18-year-old Nastya collected 16 7 in 24 league matches in the season, the center forward received the highest ratings from observers. Unfortunately, the delay in changing the coach affected the results of the championship – Christian Terni replaced Giunti a day before the match against the Blues from Empoli (round 32). However, the arrival of a new co-driver on the coaching bridge inspires optimism for the future of Primavera, which again will participate in the UEFA Youth League. Let me remind you that in the ending season, under Giunti, the Milanese could not leave the group, gaining only 2 points in the quartet with Liverpool, Atlético and Porto. The European tournament was eventually won by the young Benfica gang, who defeated Red Bull Salzburg 6-0 in the final (April 25). A number of players will leave Primavera, there is a high probability: Lazetić will be loaned out, the German Lenny Borges is sold, there is a lot of interest from Serie A clubs in goalscorer Nastya and Giovanni Robotti.