Football News‘Season disruption will be my personal failure’- Gabriele Gravina
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President of the Italian Football Federation Gabriele Gravina has announced that he will consider the disruption of the Serie A season as his personal failure. Gravini says he is not going to give up and will do his best to hold the remaining matches of the season.


“We are watching the events, and we do not lose hope. Disrupting the season will be my personal failure, and I will do my best to prevent it.

Such a precedent would lose the prestige of the championship. If things change quickly for the better, we will play in May and June. But if we can’t afford it, we might have the rest of the season in July and August. These two months are an extra chance for us. ” – said Gabriele Gravina.


Atlanta fans against the renewal of the season


Claudio Galimberti, leader of the largest group of Atlanta fans, addressed the President of the Bergamo Club, Antonio Percas.

Because of Coronavirus, hundreds of people die every day in Italy. And Lombardy and Bergamo are at the center of these tragic events.

According to one version, the main source of the epidemic explosion in Lombardy was the eighth final match of the Champions League, in which Atalanta hosted Valencia. The game was held in San Siro, with a crowd of 50,000 spectators.

“Dear President, we think that Atalanta should announce the season in Italy is over. It may not work out. But we want to believe that Atalanta is a role model when it comes to social responsibility and the fight against Coronavirus. ” – we read in the statement.

Recall that Atalanta goalkeeper Marco Sportiello was confirmed having Coronavirus just a few days ago.