Football NewsSergio Ramos rejected contract offer?
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Sergio Ramos is not ready to extend contract with Real Madrid. As you may know, Real Madrid is keen on extending contracts with Ramos, Modric and Vazquez.


Sergio rejected the new offer?

Spanish newspaper, Marca’s journalists believe that Sergio Ramos rejected Perez’s offer. As you may know, Perez met with Ramos personally in the hotel room. It happened before the game against Elche. It was on 30th December, 2020. Sources suggest that Sergio and Perez had a very deep conversation about the future and Real Madrid’s financial issues. Ramos understands everything, especially with the pay cut but he is the captain and demands a contract for 2 more years. At the end of the personal meeting, they could not agree on the main subjects and that’s why Ramos rejected the offer from Los Blancos.

Real Madrid’s captain may join PSG?

PSG is not going to waste time during the summer transfer window. Biggest transfer will be Messi from Barcelona. PSG will sign Messi in summer and then they will go for Sergio Ramos. PSG’s management wants to win Champions League trophies in the next few years. Sergio Ramos is still in shape and can play next 3-5 years on a high level. Keep in mind that Real Madrid’s defense is worse without Ramos. Even against Elche, the team could not get a win. Without Sergio Ramos’ presence, Real Madrid was going to qualify for the Europa League. PSG will be bigger in the next few years and owners of the team also have projects around World Cup 2022 too. Sergio Ramos told Perez that PSG will sign him and Messi and they will give him a better contract.