Football NewsSergio Ramos will always be in the mind of Los Blancos fans
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Sergio Ramos left Real Madrid yesterday. He had a ceremony for departure yesterday.


No longer the present of the Real Madrid

Ramos was always the symbol of Real Madrid. In the last 16 years, Ramos has seen massive setbacks and huge success. The 93rd minute of the Champions League final in Lisbon forever changed the current ecosystem of European football. Sergio Ramos scored a header and made everyone believe in the title. Real Madrid won that final against Atletico Madrid. After a year, Real Madrid with its legendary players started a streak of three consecutive Champions League titles. Sergio Ramos won four Champions League trophies with Real Madrid. It was a tough journey for both Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid. In the last 16 years, Ramos had many coaches but yesterday he said that Zinedine Zidane made the biggest impact on him. Keep in mind that Zineidne Zidane was not Real Madrid coach for many seasons. He only coached Real Madrid for 2.5 seasons during the first spell. And he repeated the same during the second spell. Ramos said that he will be back just like Zinedine Zidane in the future. As of now, Ramos said that the chapter related to Real Madrid is closed.


Saving the salary tier for big stars?

Real Madrid fans believe that Sergio Ramos’ salary will be used for a big star. Los Blancos fans are waiting for Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland’s type of star. Keep in mind that Kylian Mbappe will ask for a big salary. The same salary that Real Madrid was paying to Sergio Ramos may be used for Kylian or Erling. Close sources to Real Madrid suggest that the team will sign a big star. One of the stars, Erling or Kylian, may join Real Madrid. What would happen in the future nobody knows but let’s see how things go on.