Football NewsSilvio Berlusconi promises Monza players a ‘bus full of wh*res’
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The Italian media mogul and politician has promised the Monza team a “bus full of wh*res” if they can beat the Rossoneri or the Bianconeri in the second half of the season.


How was everything?

The Italian football club Monza were promoted to Serie A for the first time in their history in 2021-22 when they were the winners of the Serie B play-offs. Monza currently sit 14th in the Italian top flight with 16 points to their name out of 15 matches and the campaign will be considered a success if they manage to avoid immediate relegation. Club president Silvio met with his squad along with the coaching staff and promised the players a fancy reward if they could upset one or two top Serie A teams in the new year.


What did Silvio Berlusconi say?

The Italian politician said that they found a new manager who was in their youth team, he is good, smart, kind and able to stimulate their guys. According to Silvio Berlusconi, he decided to add some extra stimulation, so he told the boys that they would play in Milan, Juventus, etc., and so if they won one of those big teams, he would greet them in the dressing room on the bus, full wh*res.


A little about the topic

Although they beat the Bianconeri in September at home, Monza’s players have hit other heavyweights such as Napoli, the Giallorossi, the Rossoneri and Lazio. The Serie A outfit will return to action against Fiorentina on January 4th. This competition will be followed by a clash against Inter a few days later.