Football NewsSir Alex Ferguson Gives Erik ten Hag What Ralf Rangnick Wanted at Man Utd
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Erik ten Hag had dinner with Sir Alex Ferguson earlier this week as he prepared his side for a challenging week.

Due to the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson shared a meal with Erik ten Hag, it is safe to assume that the Dutchman has already benefited from something that the Scot did not provide to Ralf Rangnick.

Ferguson, the legendary manager of Manchester United, met with Ten Hag on Tuesday while Liverpool were playing Real Madrid and lost. Since taking over as manager at Old Trafford, Ten Hag has been nothing short of impressive. He has guided the team to the Carabao Cup final and has them in a strong position to finish in the top four.

Rangnick had served as the Dutchman’s immediate predecessor; however, the German did not make an impression in his role as interim leader. When Rangnick arrived in November 2021, he stated to the receptionist that upon his arrival, he was eager to speak with Ferguson. “He (Ferguson) just got back from New York on Thursday, and as a result of the quarantine and the limitations set forth by Covid, he is required to remain at home. Soon after his appointment, Rangnick expressed his excitement by saying, “But I am very much looking forward to meeting him over the coming two or three weeks.”

“Darren Fletcher has informed me that he would like to schedule a lunch or supper with him at our earliest convenience. The most essential thing is to celebrate the club’s heritage while yet incorporating it into the club’s evolution into a more modern football organization.

It is imperative that you are aware of the kind of athletes you own as well as the positions they hold. It would be unfair of me to ask things of them that they are unable to provide at this time. I have no choice but to take them and acknowledge the state in which they are currently found. Even though it is unknown whether or not Ferguson complied with Rangnick’s request for a meeting, Ten Hag was overjoyed to be able to take advantage of his expertise.

His meeting with the famous manager took place as he was preparing Manchester United to play Barcelona in the knockout stage of the Europa League and then Newcastle in the final of the Carabao Cup.

“It’s a huge amount. Conversations with someone who have both a great deal of experience and a great deal of knowledge are always some of my favorites. The current manager of United stated that Mourinho wants to “share it, he wants to contribute, and he wants to encourage.”

You get the impression that Manchester United is his club because of how passionate he is to the team. He is concerned about how well we are doing and wants to check in on us. That was a wonderful evening, and I look forward to spending the following evening with him.

“The first thing to keep in mind is always the next game, and considering the nature of that league, there is no possibility that we can win a trophy this week. We need to shift our emphasis from one game to the next, but more importantly, we all need to maintain the mentality that every day we want to perform to a higher standard than we did the day before.