Football NewsSolskjaer insists Paul Pogba will not leave Man Utd
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Pogba will not leave Man Utd during the current transfer window, Solskjaer insists.


The club is negotiating

The midfielder continues to link up with the retirement from Old Trafford as PSG reportedly wants France international. Paul Pogba is in the final year of his contract with the Utd and Ole Gunnar said in July that the club is in talks to link him to a new deal.


What did Ole say about Paul Pogba?

While Paul has yet to come to terms with the Red Devils, Ole doesn’t see him leaving until the transfer window closes on 31 August. The Utd boss told reporters that he expects Paul Pogba to be here when September 1st arrives.

If you have a five-year contract or a one-year contract when you sign with Manchester United, you have to move up to the challenge of doing at a consistent level. Ole doesn’t worry about any player’s contract length changing their level of motivation and inspiration. You want to play well for your team, your teammates, yourself, your family, every time you play.

Ole expects the attitude and approach to each game to be correct. That they have the same focus, the right focus, the right professionalism, and yet he has no worries about Paul Pogba. Solskjaer added that as a footballer, when you look around and see good footballers nearby, it puts another layer of responsibility on yourself and your own performances.

You have to play well to be in a team, you have to play well to be successful in this team. Pogba enjoys his football and Ole has said many times that his job is to make sure they get the best from Pogba and Fernandes and all the very good players they have in their team structure.

According to Solskjaer for him to keep players at Manchester United when you see a good lineup and get good results that help. There was no better place to be when Ole was a player because they kept winning.