Football NewsSouthampton manager is determined to keep Danny Ings at the club
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Southampton manager Hasenhuttl is determined to keep Danny Ings at the club, although he admits the player’s contract could pose a problem for the Saints.


They need Danny Ings

Danny Ings has just one year left on his current St. Mary, where he has filmed since moving from Liverpool in 2018. This good form did not go unnoticed as Tottenham, in particular, is associated with the prolific forward’s movement. Ralph Hasenhuttl said they need this player and want Danny Ings to play for them, but Ralph thinks it’s never good to go to the last season when there is one year left – that’s what Danny should know.


No reason to sell Danny Ings

Danny Ings recently turned down a four-year extension offer from Southampton, but Ralph Hasenhuttl is adamant that he will continue to give the club as long as Saint remains. Hasenhuttl added that messages, as he does not accept their contract, he does not want to renew his contract, does not help anyone – not him, not them. The manager does not know who sent these messages, it does not come from their side, definitely not. They are not interested in blaming the player or finding out that he is not doing well here at this club, not interested in helping to do the best he can for them. This is his position, and if so, it would be a pity.

According to Hasenhuttl Danny Ings their player is still a year away, they paid a lot of money for him. When they brought Danny in, they invested a lot to get him to the highest level and like he is at the moment. they were stuck with him with all these injuries, they gave Danny time to recover, and they gave him time to perform. There is no reason to sell Danny Ings, but it is always a player’s risk as you go into your final year without a contract. This is why it is never good for anyone, because you never know what can happen in football – injuries that no one wants can happen.