Football NewsSouthgate urged to switch Bellingham’s position vs Denmark
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Former England striker Alan Shearer is calling on manager Gareth Southgate to make a tactical change ahead of the team’s upcoming match against Denmark. Shearer believes that midfielder Jude Bellingham should switch positions, allowing Phil Foden to take on the role of England’s number 10.

Shearer’s recommendation comes as England prepares to face Denmark in the Euros, with fans eager to see how the team will perform in the crucial match. By moving Bellingham and giving Foden a more central role, Shearer believes that England could benefit from a stronger attacking presence on the field.

Football enthusiasts will be keeping a close eye on Southgate’s lineup decisions as England looks to secure a victory against Denmark. With Shearer’s advice in mind, fans will be curious to see if the manager takes on board the former striker’s suggestion for a potentially game-changing tactical adjustment.