Football NewsSpalletti apologises after telling journalist to ‘j*rk off every day’
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Italy’s national football team manager Luciano Spalletti recently made headlines for his controversial comments towards a journalist. Following Italy’s draw with Croatia in the Euros, Spalletti allegedly made a disparaging remark, suggesting that the journalist’s knowledge could be on par with his own if he spent 14 years engaging in a certain activity.

The comment sparked outrage and criticism, with many calling for Spalletti to apologize for his inappropriate and offensive remark. In response, Spalletti has since issued an apology to the journalist, expressing regret for his words and acknowledging the need for respect and professionalism in all interactions.

Despite the controversy, Italy’s performance on the field remains a topic of interest for football fans worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on Italy’s journey in the Euros and the latest football news.