Football NewsSpanish media scandal: Perez is not satisfied with Raul and Casillas
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July thirteenth of 2021 a audio was leaked of Florentino Perez in 2006, saying altogether really controversial towards Real Madrid’s two legends Raul gonzalez and Iker Casillas. 

What was in the leak

Leaked audio from 2006 surfaced that had Florentino Perez interesting opinions about two genuine legends of Real Madrid. The president of Los Blancos was undoubtedly far from satisfied with Raul Gonzalez and Iker Casillas, he was indefinitely not holding back his criticism. Not only that he felt unsatisfied, and he also strongly believes that this pair does not deserve their alleged status in professional football. He also is shocked by people who defend or love Casillas.

Florentino’s controversial claims

Florentino addresses his doubt about Casilla’s being “Real Madrid’s standard goalkeeper” he goes on and on and he mentions how much of a failure he is as a whole. It’s blatantly obvious throughout the leak that Florentino indeed does not like these two legends. He also dislikes how people defend Casillas, not to mention how much he is disappointed in people who have any kind of positive opinion towards Casillas. Not only that, he goes as far to say that casillas is a fraud. Perez mentions that these two are the biggest Real Madrid frauds. President Goes in depth of his hatred towards these two, he suggests that they are unreliable and selfish, saying that if you do believe in them then you will be disappointed by their performance in games. It’s in fact interesting why Perez thinks this way towards these legends. Is it because of some conflict that went down behind the scenes? Or is it because Perez thinks that they played “poorly” in comparison to other Real Madrid’s legends? The reasoning behind these claims certainly remains a question. Only time will tell what made the president of Los Blancos, Florentino Perez, say such a thing about this pair.