CricketSri Lanka Exasperated, Jadeja Hits 150 and India Crosses 550
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Another session and Indian batting has been outstanding in the first two sessions. As it looks, the match was compelled to be dominated by the Indian side. In recent times, there were many talks that India struggled in batting. In three-match test series against Against South Africa, not once in six played innings, they reached the 300 runs mark.

Here in the very first match, they have performed exceptionally well and have put up 500 runs total. Sri Lankans have been completely desperate and in instances, lost hope as they fumbled a simple run out chance.

This is the highest score for India in Mohali. Sri Lanka started with a wicket of Jayant Yadav but soon after lack of discipline and “already given up attitude” started to trouble the whole Sri Lankan team.

India scored over 5 runs in an over in the second session. Sri Lanka was in a hostile position from the first ball to the last one. The pitch has been batting friendly throughout. It can also be said that Sri Lanka missed their mark completely as it looked as if they were not aware of the conditions. Maybe they didn’t know how to exploit and adapt to the needs of the moment.

Too late in the bowling department, but they can show some courage and resistance in the batting line-up. They can play spin and for now, the pitch looks good for batting, it will be interesting to see how they anticipate.

Jadeja has taken the top spot as the top scorer at the 7th wicket for India. Also, a 100 runs partnership for the 9th wicket speaks of how good they have been throughout the day.

After one and a half days of fielding, it will take a definite determination and strenuous effort to stand against India. The Sri Lankan team is already looking exasperated.

India has the quality spinners and surely they will use them as aces within the first 10 overs.  India declared their innings at 574 for 8 wickets with the competition of 100 runs partnership for 9th wicket.