Football NewsSteve Holland compares Jude Bellingham to Messi
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The England assistant manager compared Jude Bellingham’s unique quality to Messi and suggested the player could benefit from a move to the PL.


What did Holland say about Bellingham?

The England midfielder has caught the eye so far in Qatar, the player’s performances have impressed beyond one goal and help his name. England assistant Steve Holland, who worked for Conte and Mourinho and was part of the Blues’ 2012 Champions League-winning management staff, likened the young midfielder’s mentality to that of Lionel Messi, and hinted that an Premier League challenge could make the Borussia Dortmund star rise even further.

The English coach said that Jude Bellingham is unique. According to Steve Holland, they talked about Lionel and these special moves. What makes top, top is the mentality, the ambition to push every day and be competitive. There were a few in the Blues, he felt like he was always there in training. Football players who weren’t super-gifted physically or super-gifted technically, but the mental aspect of it took them to another level of performance. Bellingham has these mental qualities.

At the Bundesliga, Steve said it was a good league to develop. It’s probably not as hard every week as the Premier League. Jude gets a fair share of games where he is comfortable and enjoys playing the ball and not always at his limit, which is a good way for a young player to develop. Holland says that his influence in this tournament, for a player of his age, is already highly unusual.


A little about Jude Bellingham

The English midfielder’s performances in Qatar have boosted his already elevated market value, with the PSG president showing interest one last time. On the other hand, the player’s contribution in front of the net, as well as the teen’s play in the link, has been the basis for Gareth Southgate’s side’s newly found clinical edge, as England currently top the World Cup points rankings with 12 goals in four matches.