CricketSteve Smith Linked To Join Million Dollar Cricket League In US
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According to reports, Steve Smith is thinking about relocating to America to play in a brand-new T20 cricket league. This July, Texas and North Carolina will host the first three weeks of the Major League Cricket season.

The six-team league has received funding from a number of powerful individuals in India, including Microsoft CEO Satya Nardella and Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan, who reportedly contributed AU$174 million in the league.

Major League Cricket and Cricket NSW announced a collaboration last week that would see American players go to play in NSW Premier Cricket while Australian players travel the opposite way to participate in the MLC.

Smith has reportedly been in contact with Major League Cricket executives about appearing in a cameo in 2024, according to News Corp. The T20 World Cup will be held in the US and the West Indies the year after the Major League Cricket season, giving Smith the opportunity to remain and play in the US.

“We’ve been in touch with Steve about his plans and what he’s thinking, What he’d love to do at some point is play cricket in the US as his schedule permits.

“His view was that if he could make it work and if we could make it work – I know this season, he has commitments. I don’t know what the Australian calendar is next year but I believe there is enough space for him to potentially play.” Long-term … our view is that we might see a lot of him in the US,” MLC co-founder Sameer Mehta told News Corp.

While speaking to Sydney Morning Herald last year, Steve Smith opened up about his interest to play cricket in the United States. He said, “There’s obviously leagues popping up everywhere around the world now, and I think you’ll probably see more players in the back end of their career going down that route, so it’s potentially something I’ll look at in the future,” Smith told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“The US has been a market that cricket’s been trying to get into for some time. So yeah, I think it’d be interesting to see how it goes.”