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Steven Gerrard – One of the best midfielders of all time.

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02 Jun 2020
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Paolo Maldini:


“I have always appreciated the fact that Gerrard was quite calm on the pitch but had a huge impact on the team’s motivation. I learned from Steven Gerrard and Franco Baresi that instead of talking a lot, I should do something.

Undoubtedly, Gerard is one of those people who can be followed – about whom you can tell memorable and special stories. ”




“Fans always appreciate and watch the forwards. However, when you have a player like Gerrard, it’s hard not to talk about him. In my opinion, he has been the best in recent years.

He’s a midfielder who plays very well. But people haven’t talked about him. People always talk about Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Messi – they are forwards. ”


Thierry Henry:


“It was a great disrespect that Gerrard was not named the best player in Europe after the 2005 Champions League final. In my ipinion, he is one of the best midfielders of all time. ”


Andrea Pirlo:


When I was playing for Milan, Ancelotti told me that he wanted to bring Gerrard to the team. Ancelotti wanted to see my and Gerrard’s duet and asked me for my opinion. I didn’t even think to answer that they should buy him.

At the time, Gerrard was the best midfielder in Europe, and of course, I wanted to play alongside him. A few weeks later, I talked to Carlo about the transfer of Gerrard. Ancelotti told me that Gerrard had given up quite clearly on leaving Liverpool. At that time, “Milan” was one of the best teams that had the best team – the refusal for us indicates Gerrard’s amazing loyalty. ”


Zinedine Zidane:


Steven Gerrard was the best midfielder in the world. It’s unusual to see an all-powerful player. But Gerrard was perfect. ”


Sir Alex Ferguson


If you are looking for a player who could replace Roy Keane, this is Gerrard. Neither Vieira nor anyone else – just Gerrard! I’m not saying Vieira was a bad player, but Gerrard is the best, only he could change Keane.

I’ve been watching Gerrard for a very long time. He is a movie for me. Everywhere and always where the ball is, there is Gerrard. Anyone would be proud of seeing Gerrard in his own team.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic:


“I think Gerrard is a fantastic player. He “remained loyal to Liverpool and won many titles with the team. The English players are known for their fighting ability, but Gerrard has always been more than that.

Whenever we played against Steven Gerrard, the coach would tell us that he was a player who could change the fate of the match at any moment. “

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