Football NewsSteven Gerrard says Jamie Carragher was afraid to run into Luis Suarez in training
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Luis Suarez’s tenacity in training left one of his teammates horrified, says Steven Gerrard.


What did Steven Gerrard say?

The Reds legend says Jamie Carragher was terrified to come up against the Uruguayan striker in training during their time together at the Anfield club. Luis Suarez joined Liverpool from Ajax in 2011 and spent three years with the club, establishing himself as a top player in the PL. But the intensity of the Uruguayan player in training was even too much for some of his teammates, as he left center back Jamie impressed.

When asked who he would choose as a striker between the Uruguayan and Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard said that both players were phenomenal, but he would say Luis Suarez only because he had everything. Gerrard played with some top players: Alonsos, Mascherano, Torres, but according to Steven, Luis was just different. “You just felt whoever you played was going to win you a game. Every game. It didn’t matter who it was,” Gerrard said.

According to Gerrard, it was as if Luis Suarez trained the way he played. Steven remembers walking away from one of the main sessions they had with Jamie Carragher, he and Carra thought that Suarez has ligaments. Gerrard remembers Jamie telling him that he didn’t want to play against him every day in practice. He was so intense in training and could confuse you with things Steven doesn’t think he even knew what he was doing. According to Steven Gerrard, he was a ricochet merchant, he ran over them, dominated them and intimidated them.


Luis Suarez activities in Liverpool

Luis has scored an impressive 82 goals in 133 appearances in all competitions for Liverpool. However, his time at the club was marred by controversial incidents. The player was suspended and fined for racially abusing Man Utd defender Patrice Evra, then Luis received another fine for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic. In 2014, he was snapped by Barcelona, ​​where Luis Suarez won four La Liga titles and one Champions League crown before moving to Atlético Madrid in 2020.