Story of Jack Wilshere – From Zero to Hero (Part III)

Story of Jack Wilshere – From Zero to Hero (Part III)

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28 Feb 2022
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Jack Wilshere

In this article, we will continue talking about Wilshere’s career. Few weeks ago he sat down with the journalist. The legendary man talked about the situation in Arsenal and how everything was going well for the Gunners. He also talked about the situation in the dressing room managed by Arsene Wenger.


Below are the most interesting fragments of Jack’s words

Wilshere started at Arsenal when the club moved to the Emirates but still has warm feelings for Highbury. I have never played at Highbury, but I have been there many times for matches. At the academy, we were always handed out tickets to the games. And we also played there a few times at the age of 11 or 12, but, of course, without fans.  “Highbury” was much more crowded: it seemed that the fans were right above you. Obviously it’s great for the atmosphere. The lawn is closer there, the situation is tense, and the Emirates is a little more spacious, the field is further from the fans. But I played the night we beat Barcelona and the atmosphere was amazing. So it’s possible to achieve that kind of atmosphere here too – it’s just a little more difficult. If I had to choose, I’d prefer the Emirates, it’s my home after all. 


Jack didn’t want Wenger to leave Arsenal 

Arsen never gave advice directly, but he supported me a lot and guided me in my career. The biggest thing is that he gives me – I have already noted this a bunch of times – faith in me. Even when I was out for a long time due to injury and then returned, he still put me on the field and believed that I would play at the level. That’s how I remember him – an honest man. Sometimes, of course, it was difficult for him to do this, for example, if you were not good enough, but even then he always spoke directly about it. I didn’t want Wenger to leave the club. It’s been tough at times in recent seasons, but you have to look at a few years without Arsene and see how difficult it was for the coaches to finish the season in the top four. We fell out of the top 4 even under Wenger, but finished fifth with him, got into European competition. What prevented you from winning more titles with him? Obviously, due to the stadium replacement, which required a large investment, less money was invested in the team. The players came from the youth team, young footballers from abroad were invited, who then developed. Arsen was the best in this regard. 

Finishing in the top 4 for so many seasons has been a huge accomplishment, and it’s only now that we fully realize it. Even now that we’re investing in players again, it’s so hard to get back into the top four. The level of the Premier League is rising and the way Arsene kept the club in the Champions League and fought there, consistently coming out of the group, was a truly special achievement.

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