CricketTATA IPL 2022: Breaking the Bio-bubble will cost the players, have to pay a fine of ₹ 1 Cr| Check other Rules & Regulations
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TATA IPL 2022: Breaking the Bio-bubble will cost the players, have to pay a fine of ₹ 1 Cr| Check other Rules & Regulations

The outbreak of the corona epidemic in India may have reduced, but the danger is not averted yet. At the same time, in the upcoming IPL 2022, BCCI is in no mood to take it lightly and is ready to impose some tough measures and severe restrictions.

Violation of protocol by players and team officials during IPL 2022 could result in strict sanctions. It can range from the suspension of a match to being in quarantine for seven days or even expulsion from the tournament.

On the other hand, breaking the bio bubble by a player or a family member of a match official would lead to even more severe sanctions.

Bio-bubble Rules for IPL

A Cricbuzz report states that if a team willfully allows an outsider to enter the team’s bio bubble, it can be punished with up to Rs 1 crore for the first mistake and the team’s tally for the subsequent mistake. One or two marks may be deducted from

“The COVID-19 pandemic poses a serious threat to the health of individuals and the cooperation, commitment and adherence by each subject to these Operating Rules are of paramount importance to measures taken to provide a safe environment,” the BCCI said.

In Table A of Penalties, it is stated that if the bio bubble is broken by a player, team official or match official, they will be subject to strict sanctions.

First offence 7 days re-quarantine or such other period as may be provided in health and safety protocol during IPL 2022.

Second Offense – Suspension of a match (without pay) shall be effective after the completion of a period of 7 days or such period as may be provided in the Health and Safety Protocol during IPL 2022.

Third offence – Removal from the registered team for the rest of the season No substitution is allowed.

Meanwhile, there are two kinds of restrictions for family members as well.

First: The requirement of 7 days for the family member or such other period as may be provided in the health and safety protocol during IPL 2022 to be re-quarantined.

Second: Permanent removal of a team or family member from the bubble for the remainder of the season and a 7-day quarantine required by the concerned player, team official, match official or such other period as may be provided for in health and safety protocols. can be done.

The board has also listed some other restrictions. Which are like this.

Violations: If a franchisee is unable to field a team for any match due to the availability of fewer than 12 players, there must be at least 7 Indians in the 11 playing XIs, plus 1 substitute fielder.

Sanction: BCCI at its sole discretion will endeavour to reschedule the Match for a subsequent season. If this does not happen, then the issue will be referred to the IPL Technical Committee. The final decision of the IPL technical committee will be taken.

Restrictions are also prescribed for those who are not taking the Covid test. A warning will be given on the first offence and subsequent offence will attract a fine of Rs 75,000 per offence. Offenders in this category will not be eligible for entry into a stadium or training facility until a missed test is held.

The 15th season of IPL will start on March 26, in which CSK and KKR will face each other in the first match.