Football NewsTeams are going to boycott Copa America
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Copa America is near to boycott. Big names from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay are speaking already against the tournament played in Brazil.


The shift from Argentina to Brazil

As you may know, Conmebol decided to change the location of the tournament. The main host of the tournament was Argentina. Lionel Messi and his compatriots were ready for this tournament. Conmebol changed the decision because of the sudden growth of covid-19 cases in Argentina. Conmebol posted an official position that it’s impossible to play tournaments in the location where there is sudden growth of covid-19 cases. Argentinian players don’t understand why conmebol decided to cancel the games in their country. Keep in mind that their position is the same with Brazil. There is no significant difference between the covid-19 cases of ARgentina and Brazil.


Brazilian players are not happy either

Casemiro and other players are not happy with the decision of conmebol. In the private talks, they noted that covid-19 cases are big in the country too. Keep in mind that half a million people died from covid-19 alone in BRazil in the last few months. Brazil national team players don’t want to play the tournament with this kind of pressure. Along with Brazilian players, Luis Suarez talked about it. He talked about it not privately but very openly and answered many questions of the journalists. The La Liga winner said that he is not happy with the decision of the conmebol. First of all, he can’ understand the reason for changing the location. Argentina is good enough and cases are almost equal in both countries. So, putting Copa America 2020 in Brazil is not something that Luis Suarez would agree with. On the other hand, Luis Suarez said that he would agree with the team’s decision if they want to play and participate in the tournament. Copa America is just one week away from the start and we still don’t know the confirmed decisions.