Football News‘That day I understood what Juve mean’ – Chiellini recalls Del Piero rage
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Giorgio Chiellini recalled Alessandro Del Piero. The Turin captain remembers the day he learned the importance of Juve. ‘Draw means loss to Juve’ – that was Del Piero’s lesson.


Giorgio Chiellini is one of the main faces of modern Juventus – the expression of the Juventus spirit and character. Recently, he recalled the beginning of his career at Juventus and the legendary Alessandro Del Piero. Or rather, one case that helped him better was understanding the character of Juventus and the scale of the club. This story dates back to the years when Chiellini was a newcomer to the team and Juventus, who have returned to Serie A, are still experiencing a period of crisis.

Giorgio Chiellini: “Once, we played a draw with Milan, 0: 0. We were all happy after the game in the dressing room. Then Milan were very strong, and we still had a new team. When Del Piero came in, he broke everything in the dressing room. “After we took a shower, Alex called us all and said, ‘Your joy makes me angry, Juventus can not be satisfied with a draw. We have to have a stronger mentality. A draw means a loss for Juventus.’ You need to know. ‘ “I learned that day what it means to play for Juventus.”

This story of Chiellini is related to the current situation of Juve when, after a bad start, the Turinese seriously risk giving up the Scudetto after 9 years of domination.