Football NewsThe arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo changed Al-Nassr’s expectations
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With the signing of a contract with Cristiano Ronaldo, Al-Nassr conquered many


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Al-Nassr have never won the Asian Champions League, they are not even the most successful club in Riyadh province, but with the signing of the Portuguese they have beaten everyone in Saudi Arabia and abroad. The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo has transformed the club. In anticipation of the debut, the team store and the sports city were the first to experience the transformation.

The manager, who has been serving customers at Al Nassr for the past four years, said it has been a crazy few days. According to him, people filled the entire store, everything they see outside was packed, they had to call members of the club’s security to come and help them organize it. He says that in the first days after signing it, they couldn’t keep up, they had to ask for reinforcements because they ran out of jerseys, number 7s, everything.

They at MARCA have witnessed this. Every person who enters the store comes for the Portuguese jersey. From the first team jersey, except for those of the mannequins that adorn the store, there are no more. They are all sold out – and the second and third sets have arrived so they can fill the entire store.

He shows them the special edition, which he really likes. He approaches them with a client who has asked him to see them, though he can only show them so far because they are not for sale. The sports city is also gearing up against the clock for Cristiano Ronaldo’s training. Everything must be down to zero.

While only three media a week will attend the coach and player press conferences, there are now more than 30 media present from all over Saudi Arabia and many foreign countries. And let’s not talk about games, remember that Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet debuted. New equipment, completely refurbished rooms… everything will change in Al-Nassr. He is already changing. The members of the communication and organization club are convinced that they have a great opportunity.