“The best defender is, in attack.” Report on the match against Betis

“The best defender is, in attack.” Report on the match against Betis

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10 May 2022
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The situation

It is worth starting from the beginning, more precisely from the moment of the championship corridor, which met the “blue garnet” owners of the King’s Cup this season. For Betis, this victory was long-awaited and well-deserved, they passed the tournament with dignity, and I consider it a worthy action to greet the winners of the tournament, with whom this season there was competition, which they are now losing. Looking at the starting lineups, one could at first indulge in a slight nostalgia for Claudio Bravo, who quite successfully defended the Barcelona gate in La Liga, but in the end, the administration decided (and we do not blame them) to bet on ter Stegen. True, Marc-Andre could not enjoy the triumph in the face-to-face meeting, because due to illness he missed the pre-match training and the match itself. Neto, who replaced ter Stegen, worked in the reporting game at a decent goalkeeper level, being regularly in the path of the ball. The Brazilian goalkeeper had ample chances to remind the public of his prowess as Betis surpassed Barcelona in the number of shots. But for Bravo, the match ended at the 16th minute, when, under mysterious circumstances, he received an unknown injury, giving way to the Portuguese Ruy Silva, with whom the Chilean goalkeeper divides the playing time of the season almost in half. 

The details

We wish Claudio a speedy recovery! Concluding the discussion about Neto, it is important to recall that the defensive system is perhaps the most sensitive to change. The goalkeeper in defense, especially in recent years, when Barça suspended the practice of distributing tournaments by goalkeepers. In principle, this cannot be called a bad scenario, but in exceptional matches, there are moments when, for example, the players habitually give the pass back to the goalkeeper, who plays well with his feet, but Neto is the addressee, and he only plays decently with his feet. Specifically, in this game, and this level of possession of the ball was quite enough, but still people tend to understand the significance of something, only having lost it. Fortunately, the skills of the main goalkeeper have been preserved in the club, and I believe that he will play the next match with Celta at the base, but only for a few episodes. It seems that it is worth continuing the thought of a sufficient number of shots, most of which were successfully handled by goalkeepers. The fact is that in this game the defensive lines were not up to par. That is, formally, from the point of view of the location of the defensive orders, they used to be located high, but these, as you understand, are consonant, but not synonymous words. Although, it is strange to expect from the defensive line, which consists of super attackers Alba and Alves, and also Eric Garcia, who is better known for the ability to move the ball from deep in the legs and feet than to deprive opponents of this ball, some outstanding defensive actions. Yes, and Araujo, in this match, seems to be more remembered for a tall jump in the opponent’s penalty area, when Rui Silva really entered the game for the first time and showed goalkeeping quality.

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